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Our Approach


Groom Guru has a vision of a safe, caring and sustainable community for owners and their pups. Based on the Animal Welfare Act 2006, our approach applies our vision into three practical parts, so you know what you can expect when you bring your pup to Groom Guru.

At Groom Guru, we will provide a variety of services, ranging from de-matting to bathing, cleaning and trimming.


As such, we believe we are best positioned to monitor and track your dog's wellbeing and development.

From tail to snout, our primary aim is to improve your pup's wellbeing through the early detection and prevention of matts, lumps, infections and anything that may cause harm!

A dog receiving ultrasonic teeth cleaning

Prior to making an appointment with us for any of our services, we recommend you read our Terms of Service to find out more about Groom Guru's commitment to its Approach!

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