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What about wiping poo from my pup's butthole?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Warning - dog poo incoming! For the second part of our #HolisticWellbeing series, we look at why it is extremely important to wipe your pup's butthole!

What do you mean?

Answering nature's call is serious business. So is doing a number two, dropping the kids off at the pool, clearing the pipes - you get what we mean! It's also serious because we have to clean after ourselves when it's done.

The same applies to our pups!

I get it, it's important. But how does this affect my pup's wellbeing?

Just like us humans, the consistency of their poop can vary and our furry friends having hair around the area makes it easier for those ghastly residues to get stuck and stay, leaving their sensitive skin become irritated or infected over time. This is known as Pseudocoprostasis - where excrement and fur become matted around the anus area. This can obstruct the rectum area and your dog may become constipated, start to smell bad, experience discomfort in its butt area, amongst other things.

And because these sneaky little gold nuggets hide in fur, we've encountered many poor pups with poo-ey, irritated, bum holes over the years!

You can see in these pictures below some examples of neglected buttholes.

Click the images to expand!

We wouldn't their bums to stay that way, much have a poopy bum wiping across your sofa or bed when our puppy friends cuddle with us!

What can I do to prevent this?

It starts at home! The first thing to do is to make sure that your dog's butt is wiped every time they poo. This can be done with some toilet paper or baby wipes. We also recommend that you bathe and clean your dog's butt regularly, making sure that the nether regions are properly scrubbed and cleaned.

Additionally, it is also a recommended that you send your dog to be groomed regularly. A professional groomer will be able to not just clean their butt, but also trim and tidy the fur around their anus, making sure the skin can breathe and reducing the probability of poo clinging on!

If you have any further questions on this, or are unsure of how to manage your pup's butt situation, please feel free to contact us at Additionally, our staff are always available to assist you in-store at Groom Guru Natural Dog Spa & Daycare, 112 Cleveland Street, W1T 6PA.

More information on this can also be found here.


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